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Zane Vondracek | Zane Fitness - Personal Trainer
Zane Fitness
''It's Never Too Late''

''Believe In Yourself''

''Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve''

When started my first diet I was convinced that can do it 100% and there is no other way. First 3 weeks went fine and I have managed both my gym workouts and clean meals to perfection. Belly seemed smaller finally... Happy Days! Well done me! I was on the good path. But then my friend called me for his birthday party. And because he was the one you will never refuse we went out drank fizzies, shots, beers and ate lots of crap. Following 2 days were a disaster. My head was about to explode and just thought of green vegetable and protein shake made me feel even sicker. Didn’t eat really well and did not make it to the gym either. Frustrated from slipping off the plan I felt like my whole effort was destroyed and I have stopped it all. Feck it. No more gym no more diet. On one hand it was the weird feeling of failure in my guts and on the other one it was the freedom and plenty of do-nothing time calling me back to my old habits and shortly i've started gaining weight again. If this sounds like something you have been experiencing then feel welcome on board. I will help you break through your struggle. I have trained hundreds of people to achieve great results.

With 7 years experience as a fitness trainer in leading Dublin gyms like Energie, Your Fitness and Ben Dunne Gyms i am offering huge energy and commitment to every client i work with.

I believe that fitness and exercise are great to build a strong body but everyone needs his custom nutrition plan to ensure consistent, long lasting results.

Other popular services include body fat check, custom workout plans and pre + post competition nutrition.

I have competed in Mr Northern Ireland Fitness Model Championship and Mr Ireland Athletic Model Championship in 2015, placing 2nd and 3rd respectively. In Nifma Spring 2017 i have competed again and was 2nd. Aiming this year for the 1st place.

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